Telic Z-Strap - White

Telic Z-Strap - White

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The Telic Z-Strap is made entirely from Novalon, which is an unique blend of elasto-polymers. Designed to provide exceptional cushioning, rebound and elasticity. This means that these sandals not only absorb shocks while you are walking but also retains their shape for longer. So you don’t have to worry about them flattening out through use.

Novalon is heat reactive so when it warms it conforms to the shape of your foot for an amazing level of comfort.

Arch Support
The contoured and orthotic-grade footbed offers great medial arch support and metatarsal support. Complete with a subtle heel rocker to help offload pressure. All of which results in a sandal that can help offer relief from foot pain and common ailments, including plantar fasciitis. So while they may not cure the underlying health problem, they can go a long way to offering some comfort.

The Telic Z-Strap is completely waterproof, non-porous and will float. You can machine wash them safely up to 30°C. While it may be possible to wash them at a higher temperature please keep in mind that Novalon is reactive to heat and temperatures exceeding 50°C for prolonged periods which can cause the footwear to shrink.


Anatomically correct – offers great support
Textured footbed – wicks moisture with a “massage” effect
Waterproof – machine washable (up to 30°C)
Made from NovalonTM
Heat activated – softens to conform to your foot shape
Helps offer relief from foot pain and common ailments, including plantar fasciitis