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Knog Outdoor Quokka Headlamp - Black

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A streamlined headlamp and great design make this light from Knog ideal for running, camping, cycling or various activities in low light. The strap material is made from a matte silicone, which is gentle and doesn't tangle in hair. The toggle at the back is easy to adjust on the fly. The 3 LEDs are optimally placed, one is a spot beam, one a wide beam for broad ambient light and a further red light for night/low light. This allows the headlamp to be set in four modes which are easily toggled.

There is no USB charging cable, instead an inner pod that folds out like the other Knog headlamps. This is a particularly handy feature, meaning one less cable to remember.

The headlamp has a dustproof/water resistant rating of IP65 and is available in multiple other colours.


  • Light weight: 49 Grams
  • Water resistant: IP65 Rating
  • 2.5 hour runtime on 80 Lumen High setting, and up to 70 hours on Red Low setting
  • 4 modes: Combo, Spot, Wide, & Red. Dimmable in each mode
  • Silicone w/adjustable strap toggle: For maximum Durability and Comfort, fits circumferences from 30-70 cm
  • lockable light mode
  • USB recharge: Recharges in 3.3 hours from flat, plus it saves you buying over 650 AAA batteries