Knog Headlamps - why buy Knog?

Since the nights began to draw in this autumn, we've been testing the new Knog Bilby headlamp, which has also proven very popular with our customers. A run through the key features and advantages.


For us, one of the principle reasons we stock Knog products is not just quality and design, but based on the sustainability of the product.

The Bilby headlamp is made and packaged from environmentally friendly materials. This includes the packaging, which reduces the carbon footprint in the supply chain, and the product itself being fully USB rechargeable gives a unique level of efficiency for the end user and environment, massively saving landfill and not to mention hassle. Even Knog's headquarters in Australia is powered by wind! Sustainability is very much embedded into the brand.


Unlike many headlamps, the material is a nice, odour free silicone, that provides a more comfortable fit and durability. It makes the headlamp great for many scenarios, e.g. running, camping or general outdoor use.

USB Rechargeable

This is a huge cost saving to our customers in the longer run, potentially saving on hundreds of AAA batteries. The Bilby is also programmable using Knog's Modemaker app.

Waterproof IP67

The Bilby is strong on waterproofing, able to withstand 1M submersion for 30 minutes.

Running Times

Finally, summary of the run times:

Knog Bilby run times

In summary, we highly recommend Knog headlamps. As keen runners in some pretty dark off road places, we think you can benefit too from these great additions to your winter running kit, particularly the power of the Bilby headlamp.