Walk the Carding Mill Valley and the Long Mynd

Starting from Church Stretton, the trail up to Carding Mill Valley and towards Pole Bank at the top of the Long Mynd plateau is a really scenic and relatively easy route. We took the circular route, starting from the National Trust carpark and steadily up the the valley along the main trail. It's not too steep, mostly being gentle gradient footpath with one or two slightly steeper rocky bits, but it's suitable for a wide range of abilities. 

The walk up to the highest point at Pole Bank is around 3 miles, which passes a waterfall with views back across Shropshire. Once you reach the main plateau of the Long Mynd, there are views towards the Welsh mountains. 


Heading back down follows a gently gradient also. The route we took is marked below, however with it being so open it's fairly clear to maintain your bearings, particularly as there is a little road that winds back to Church Stretton from Pole Bank hill.


For reference, here's a link to the circular GPS track we took around the hills using, however with the plateau being relative flat and the views so expansive, it's one of the better routes to go off feel or sight in the summer at least. The main thing to remember on a warm day is water!