Great Gable and Kirk Fell

Starting from Wasdale head, there's a great route that passes over Kirk Fell (a steep climb), to Great Gable (and optionally Green Gable), before winding back down the valley back to Wasdale in the distance.

The main problem with this route is getting across to the western side of the lakes as the start point. It's a bit of a journey by car unless you're in the vicinity. However parking is available once there, and there's also a nice pub to start/finish the route, the Wasdale Head Inn

The route itself, the one we took, heads straight up Kirk Fell, however it's also an option to go round the back before making the main climb, following the signs to Black Sail Pass from Wasdale which head round the back of Kirk Fell. 

Kirk Fell - steep route up

This route is the steep option, heading straight up Kirk Fell, so it depends on the weather conditions and your fitness. It gives great views back over the lake though and of Scafell Pike once you near the summit.

Kirk Fell view to the west

From Kirk Fell we headed down and then back up Great Gable, before heading in the direction of Scafell where Styhead tarn is in view below. From that point we bore right back down the valley along a gently gradient back to Wasdale Head.